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Program Summary

The Rental House program provides insurance for companies that supply the entertainment, sports and leisure industries with the equipment and/or support services.


The Rental House program is designed for entities continuously engaged in the business of renting equipment to the entertainment, sports and lesiure industry. These companies may provide production equipment such as cameras, lighting, sound, props, sets, wardrobe, trailers and more. They may provide equipment for special events such as props, sets, furnishings and more. They may provide various types of equipment to the sporting industry.

This program is flexibile enough to fit the needs of small rental houses up to major national chains. In addition, the program may also be used to cover entities that provide installation and similar activities.

Catastrophe coverage such as earthquake, wind and flood are available. Limits are available up to 10 million for liability and 5.0 million on inland marine.

The program is available to U.S. based rental houses.


Available coverages include:

Inland Marine
Rented Equipment, Owned Equipment, Office Contents, Loss of Rental Income & more
General Liability
General Liability (including increased limits)
Automobile Liability, Physical Damage
Excess Liability
Total policy limits available up to 10,000,000

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